Wednesday, February 24


Do you end up throwing out leftovers.....or do you savor every last morsal? Guess it depends on what it is, right.
I like to buy roasts. For one thing, I can throw them in the crockpot and not really have to "cook" dinner. The other reason, they go soooo far.
Take for instance, a beef roast.
Night one, we have roast (made in the crockpot) with salad and baked potatoes.
Night two, shred the beef....add BBQ sauce and you have shredded BBQ sandwhiches.
Night three, Add the shredded beef to plain cheese pizza, add some jack cheese, cilantro, and you have bbq pizza. So easy right?

How about pork roast?
Night one, sliced served with asparagus and fluffy potatoes.
Night two, chop it up and stir fry with some peppers, onions, mushrooms, broccoli (whatever veggies you have on hand) and rice
Night three, add any leftover pork and rice with peppers, onions, tomatoes, sausage, shrimp, with creole seasoning....and now you have jambalaya!

Chicken? The possibilities are endless!
What do you like to do with leftover chicken?


  1. I live for leftovers! Love them because everything you loved from the day before you can enjoy all over again the next day. Plus, in this economy, who among us can afford to throw out perfectly good food, right?

  2. Right! And....most food is even better tasting the next day! The caterers that did our wedding said it takes 2 days before they serve the meat! They would not even think about cook and serve in the same day. (it was smoked meat, btw)