Monday, August 10

Aug Meals Month at a glance

I'm planning my meals for the whole month for August. (yes I know, it's the 10th...but I guess I'll have a head start on September) :)

I have a few reasons for doing it this way.
1. We are working on actually staying on budget this month.
2. School starts soon and I want to make the most of this month.
3. I have some house projects that really need to be finished so I want meal time to be easy.
4. I'm working on a few meal planning projects. :) (more to come soon!)

With these reasons in mind I've decided to roll up my sleeves, tie my hair back and make 15 meals that I can freeze. The rest of the meals are somewhat easy to throw together with few ingredients. So, here is the list. I'll add links/pictures to the recipes after we make em. Have a yummy month!

Freezer Meals

Twisted Meatballs
Monterey Chicken Soup
Italian Minestrone
Balsamic Chicken
Chicken Marsala
Feta Burgers
Honey Lime Chicken
Stuffed Flank Steak
Parmesan Garlic Chicken
Pineapple Lemon Chicken
Sausage Penne w/ Tomatoes & Cheese
Border Chicken Enchiladas
Oven BBQ Pork Roast
Twice Baked Potatoes

Frozen Sides

Italian Veggie Medley
Baked Beans
Mashed Potatoes
Green Chili Rice Bake

Additional Easy Meals (not freezer)

Quesadillas (freezer friendly)
Pizza Wraps (freezer friendly)
Zucchini Boats
Hippie Burittos (these are already in my freezer)
Breakfast (we'll do this 4 times this month)

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