Friday, September 18

Princess Cake

Claire's birthday is in August and Caleb's birthday is in October.
S0, for now, while they are young, we celebrate their birthdays together.
This year our theme was a Princess' and a Pirate's Party. Here is Claire's princess cake.
It's a vanilla cake made in a bundt pan. The frosting is an Italian Buttercream frosting. The recipe comes from Warren Brown of Cakelove. We modified the technique but not the ingredients.

Italian Buttercream

1 1/4 cup granulated sugar
5 egg whites
4 sticks butter, cut into Tbl at room temp

-In a metal bowl over med heat. Beat egg whites with sugar. With a clean hand, we stir (with our hand) until the sugar has dissolved. (I know it sounds odd....but it works) Make sure not to let the whites scramble. With a mixer, whip the whites with a wire whisk on high. Mix until stiff peaks. Continue beating until the bowl reaches room temperature. It will be thick and glossy. Beat in the butter a Tbl at a time. The butter will deflate the frosting. Now is the fun part. Mix in your flavorings! For the princess cake, we pulsed strawberrries in the blender. If the frosting seperates, keep beating it. It will come back together.

This recipe is delicious, however, the next time I make this....I will experiment with less butter.

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