Friday, September 11

so I'm a wife......a mom....semi student....driver....cook...

I think most of you that read or follow my blog are just like extraordinaire! With that title come overwhelming responsibility.....and that's where I've been the last two weeks. If I can just be transparent with you guys, I have been so overwhelmed with household work, taking my kiddos to school, dance, going to a class myself, and just trying to stretch myself in all the areas that desire me or need me. whew. So, I'm workin or getting caught up and getting a handle on how life is for us right now. I've committed to myself to take time everyday to spend time in my Bible and prayer and that alone has brought more peace in my heart. With that said, this is the prayer I'm offering up today:

Lord, I ask that my extended family members will know and experience Your wisdom each day. May they find that wisdom is more precious than rubies, and godly understanding better than gold. Nothing they desire on earth can compare with knowing You and following Your ways. Some of them are far from You, Lord. I pray they would learn the ways of Your wisdom, the pleasantness of Your paths, and the peace that You bring.

(from Power Prayers for Women by Jackie M Johnson)

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