Saturday, April 18


Hey guys! So, after a bout of the flu (this bug was one for the record books) and a short trip to Chicago.....I'm back! You don't want to know the details of the first, but Chicago was great. It was just the two of kids! We visited the Field Musuem, saw a Cubs game, shopped at Trader Joes and Ikea, (I know you guys that live in the midwest are drooling...he he), and ate where ever we wanted when ever we wanted! :) We ate at a little place called Cousins (used to be called Efes) that served mediterranean food. The mixed grill was awesome, some of the best grilled chicken I've ever had! YUM! We had dessert at Aladdins Eatery. Rob had a pistacio cake and I had a lemon cheesecake. (AMAZING) We also had Giordano's Pizza! This pizza is by far the best pizza I have ever had......and your in luck.....the ship pizzas for only $20! You gotta try it!

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