Saturday, April 4

Hello and Welcome

Hey guys!
I'm super excited to be apart of the blog-world but more excited to actually help someone in making mealtime better.
As you probably read, I love to cook and plan meals, but I too get bored or feel un-inspired. During these times my family experiences lots of take-out pizza and quesadillas. I have been known to freeze a lot of meals, do 30 minute meals, crock pot, pressure cooker, grill, semi home-made, made from scratch.....and so on and so on. I have even purchased (yes purchased) meal plans online, but I found myself marking meals off and adding my own twist. I thought, I should compile my own meal plans and offer them to my friends all over the world (thanks Navy) for free. I mean, should we really have to pay someone for a little inspiration to cook. I say NO! So, my hope is that you get a little relief in planning meals and making grocery lists as well as be inspired to sit down at the table with your family and enjoy reclaiming dinner!

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