Monday, April 6

Slow Down Challenge

Our society is so fast and over stimulated. As families, we compete with TV, video games, cell phones, computers....the list goes on and on. It's challenging to stop.....turn everything off.....and be still. (Psalm 46:10) This week challenge yourself to slow down at dinner time. Take your time. Don't have an agenda. Talk. Listen. Enjoy learning something new about your spouse or kids. Here are a few ideas for conversation starters:

*Highs and Lows (made popular by the Story of Us movie) Simply ask each person their high and low of the day.

*Describe your perfect day (maybe you could help in making this one happen)

*What do you want to do when you grow up?

*If your kiddos are young....tell them a story (buy or look up online a kid version bible story)
I like My First Study Bible
Veggie Tales Bible (my friend bought this the other day...and it looks really fun)
Tell a classic story....example: serve peas with dinner and tell the princess and the pea story
Make up a creative!

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