Friday, May 29

Family Fridays ~ Farmers Market

I absolutely love farmers markets! If you don't go or haven't been, I can boldly say your missin out! Here are a few reasons I love supporting local buying:

  • Your cutting out the middle man and getting FRESH picks

  • Your supporting local or/and small businesses (they need our support during this economic time)

  • You can find great unique stuff you can't find in stores

  • You can sample everything!

  • The freshair :)

  • Most farmers markets are pet friendly as well

The best resource I found to find farmers markets is this nifty map


  1. I love farmer's markets. I also love those little fresh produce stands that pop up all over town. My favorite is one in Bellevue by the Menard's entrance. I always stop and buy fresh fruit and veggies from them. They have the best watermelon I've ever had.

  2. Oh yeah! That is a good one. I've heard they have amazing corn too!