Wednesday, July 1

Date Night ~ Stellas

We went to stellas for our date night this week. Stella's is a super old establishment thats been making burgers for years....and years! They serve hand made patties on a napkin and have a pretty good selection. We're not crazy about their fries or onion rings....the the burgers are very nice! Enjoy the pics and if you ever visit Bellevue, NE and want a burger, stop by Stellas. Oh, and they remodeled not too long ago and it looks great and is comfortable!

I ordered the mushroom swiss burger. (they didn't skimp on the shrooms...which is a personal pet peeve)
Fries need salt and onion rings were crispy but not a whole lot of flavor. Still good...just not our favorites.

Rob ordered the patty melt. YUMMY. Nuff said. :)

My husband loves the fried ice cream at Stellas. The coconut is crunchy and the ice cream creamy. mmmm

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