Thursday, July 16

Summer Rocks (ice cubes....he creative) :)

There are a number of items that can be frozen into ice cubes to enhance your drinks.....or just look pretty. Wouldn't you know Martha has already thought about this. (of course)
  • You can also freeze leftover coffee into ice cubes to add to your iced coffee. Freezing a coffee bean inside would be cute too.
  • Add lemonade flavored ice cubes to your iced tea.
For endless possibilities, buy (or make) some flavored syrups. Mix 2 Tbl per 1 cup of water (or whatever liquid you choose) and freeze.
  • Cherry or Vanilla ice cubes in cokes. Yum. :)
  • Lemon or Lime in margaritas or long islands. (did I just see you eye brows perk up?)
Let us know if you think of some more creative ones.

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