Friday, June 5

Good Morning Sunshine

One of the ways I show my husband love and respect is by making him breakfast in the mornings. (he gets up at 4:30am!!.....I'm not crazy....I usually go back to bed when he leaves) He loves it and means the world to him. It's just a little way of mine to say thanks for working so hard and a chance to send him on his way with a kiss and hug. He never has time to sit and eat so I have the opportunity to get creative.
We love these breakfast sandwiches. I try to make smart choices and save calories for dinnertime ;) I use a real egg for him, egg beaters for me. Today, I used sundried tomato and basil cheese but I must say our favorite is applewood bacon cheddar. I cook the egg for 30 sec in the microwave, top it with cheese for another 20 sec, heat the turkey sausage for 25 sec and assemble. TA DA!

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