Monday, June 15

The Old Cookstove

I drove back home (Maysville, MO) last week to help my mom. My uncle was sick and ended up passing Sunday morning. Although it was a sad trip, I was able to do a few fun things while there. I made it out to a little Amish store 5 miles east of town. The store is called The Old Cookstove. They have everything from homemade pies and breads to deli meats and specialty coffee. Most of their items are homemade and quite enjoyable. I picked up two bags of sanded hot cinnamon balls (one for rob and a guy he works with), root beer and sarsaparilla (rob is a root beer fan :), homemade raisin cinnamon bread, horseradish cheddar, and honey ham. I love the horseradish cheddar. Amazing!

So, if your ever in our part of Missouri....check out The Old Cookstove!
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