Wednesday, June 3

Which Blog Wednesday?!?!

Every couple of weeks I plan on featuring a blog that I personally like and use.

My first feature is Mom Saves Money by Nicole!

Nicole is a personal friend of mine but that is not why I like her blog so much. It's AWESOME! She blogs everyday about useful tips and free stuff!! (who doesn't like free stuff!!) I check her blog daily like my e-mail! My favorite feature about Mom Saves Money is the local weekly price matching for Omaha. HELLO! This saves me sooo much time when making out my grocery list. I also love the giveaways. She has coupon giveaways pretty frequently.....we're not talking 20 or 30....we're talking 200-400!!! Visit her blog, be inspired to save money, leave her a comment on what you love about her blog. If you don't already, become a follower so you can get the latest and greatest from her fast.
Thanks Nicole for inspiring us and working so hard to motivate us to save money!

Here are some questions I asked her:

Blog: Mom Saves Money

What is your blog about: Money saving ideas, coupons, freebies, giveaways, reviews and much more.

What is your passion in doing this blog: We became a one-income family after our daughter was born in April 2006 and it became absolutely essential that we budget and save money to live within our means. At first, we didn't do so well and wracked up credit card debt, but now we've successfully payed off our debt and are much more financially secure. I took an active role in saving money for the family, by couponing, requesting freebies, and budgeting. I also follow several money saving blogs and learned I could make money sharing my passion for frugality. I want to contribute to the family finances and blogging is a perfect fit for my lifestyle. Last month, I received my first big check and was so excited to see all my hard work finally pay. ( )

Best tip(s) you have for saving money: Budgeting is so important to saving money. There are many budgeting systems available and find the one that works for you and your family and follow it. Budgeting can allow you to enjoy life without stressing about money. Budgets aren't only about sacrifice, but also planning and setting aside money for fun. Another great way to save money is by following money saving blogs. Why research all the money saving ideas yourself when you can find them all on a blog.

Anything else you'd like to share about you, family, or blog: I am a married SAHM with two kids, ages 3 years and 9 months. I served in the Navy for seven years before deciding to stay home with my children. I am a military-trained financial counselor and recently completed a Master's in Business Administration (MBA) with a concentration in Marketing.

Mom Saves Money

Leave a comment and tell us your favorite thing about Mom Saves Money!

If you would like your blog featured on my blog, leave a comment with your blog address! I'll be in contact. :)


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  2. I love her blog too! Make sure to subscribe by email to get her daily updates in your inbox.

    Stefani @ Mommy Enterprises